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Xiamen Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in Pioneer Park of Xiamen national torch Park, located inXiamentorch hi tech Zone (Xiangan)IndustrialZoneJianyeBuilding. We focus on scientific instruments 、software and reagent , including R & D, producing, sales and serviceenterprises.
Since the establishment of the company, we comply with the practical,creative, colorful, exquisite product development ideas, relying on Xiamen University, The Institute of Urban Environment (IUE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) , the third Oceanography Research Institute and other research institutions, R & D strength, advanced by the Taiwan relevant industry experience, research and development, is committed to the laboratory in the field of scientific instruments of production. All raw materials and components of  products are  leading brands. The source control of product quality, and the defects of similar products, we combined with the actual needs of laboratory applications, and a variety of innovation. As a result ,we make the product has  unique characteristics.


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