Color and character

According to the color preferences do judgment of character, began in Germany psychologist Rumi Al, since then, this kind of research around the world.
The following is a collection of data from throughout, so we appreciatewonderful color and psychology seeks to hide.
Do you like the color represents your personality and psychological:

Red - means "fire" or "blood". Strong personality, positive and open-minded.Lively abnormal, the feelings of the rich, outgoing personality. Controversy always prepared to take offensive or consciousness. Speak and act quickly but think little of. You are energetic action, no matter how much effort or price to satisfy his curiosity and desire. You are filled with the spirit of the state, will be infected with the friends around you. But, because of the lack of patience,often refuse to obey his will, will get angry. Born optimistic but you will notbecause of setbacks and feel depressed, and always think of ways to resolve the spot. Once something happens, you always blame others, this is very bad for you. If to others to a more lenient heart to treat it, believe that your power will be more prosperous.

If you hate the most: red doesn't love others as you too close, because of this, the sudden advent of persecution love, you will run away when going into battle. In fact, your heart is the desire intense love, but because of the nature of the character, the feelings the way you have been twists and turns. These twists and turns to make you come to a standstill on love, that miss the right person.

- like quiet, calm, be light of heart from care, good control of emotions,very has the sense of responsibility. Rich experience, good sense. Broad-minded, introverted. You are a very rational person, face the problem oftenface danger fearlessly, in conflict always silently to resolve, until the fight back, will be in the beautiful means to let the other side impressed. At first glance it popularity is good, but not good at communication with the people,so only like-minded friends from the group of a small group of. Often due toadhere to the sublime faith and respected. Absolute insistence, the lack ofadoption of magnanimity on the opinions of others, and so the odds, although on the surface did not reveal any displeasure, but the heart is actually veryvery mind.

- always melancholy and moody, anxious, however, tend to be able tomanage and control the inner feelings of anxiety and distress. Introverted. -like the purple people usually are a lot of artists, even if you are not very like,witty with emotional, especially observant. Although the admission of ordinary,but quite a character. In public, you tend to be silent and reserved. But ofteneasy to abuse the feelings, resulting in a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding. This is not a malicious abuse, after afterwards someone tell you, you will be very careful reflection, but also easy to make.

Green - nature calm, restraint was not good, easily upset, less anxious ordepressed feeling, full of hope and optimism, want to do better. A typicalintrovert type. - you're basically is a pursuit of peace. But afraid of being alone, like group life, and therefore you are good at keeping harmoniousrelationship with the people around. Always give people a kind gentle impression, and of the people around you is trust and admiration. However,because your attitude toward everyone almost, so sometimes it is easy tomake people misunderstand, think you are a be all things to all men. Like the green one is motivated, but because don't love too prominent in groups, so you will also ask people around you to make progress.

If you hate the most: green in mind always did not wish to become adults, soin love that is hope much care and attention. Hope that the other party has to pay for their own, because this is not easy for the sake of each other's character, often say wounding while they are not conscious of it, finally will only make Valentine sad.

Yellow - happy, relaxed and happy. Outgoing personality, be full of go, dospeak freely, be fearless, don't worry about what others. Not easy to shake, is a man you can trust. Your creative and curiosity in height. Concerned about the social problems rather than personal problems, like the pursuit of lofty ideals, especially social movement. Pretty confident, but also learned, you willlead this proud. Looks like you social home, actually very lonely. So, you will never betray a friend, never do not grasp.

Grey - doesn't like emotion and emotional shows between the lines, to avoid too deep friendship.

Black - feeling sad, the road of life go from bad to worse, feel not like youthink to say and do, that their situation is not good enough. ----

Brown -- basic desire, can rely on their own sense of gratification, such aseating, drinking, desire, yet often feel will make mistakes. You are a stiff -personality, strong self value, very afraid because foreign factors involved and to change their own. But, in appearance and attitude of doing things, butpeople have a great sense of trust. For good relations between peopledivided very clearly, so easy to give others a tendency to apathy. However,because you upright character makes people trust you, support your partnerwill be more and more in the imperceptibly.

If you hate the Brown: take a laissez faire attitude in love. Like active, direct,intense love. When the object is encountered personality finicky, seem to be very impatient. Curiosity is too strong, is often a lot of new things to attract,they often neglect the lover. But think of what to do, popularity is very good,this will let your lover feel uneasy. Time with friends than lovers also, so yourValentine's day will go away from you.

Pink - more emotional, social and. -- always want to show his youth, vitality,even in the eyes of others hope is a noble image. Most are not all that is beautiful, sending out a stream of people see it very comfortable charm.However, there is a strong tendency to avoid reality. Because of not goodmind to reveal the human, often hide in their own small world. Because not bereceptive to the views of others, also doesn't like to argue, is often regarded as the irresolute and hesitant. (in addition, unbearable reality embarrassingand have trusted people betrayed the people also like pink.)

If you hate the most: Brown in love give a person not quite frank feeling, oftencritical of the other half, even though they sent a gift to you, as you said before, or will pick pick pick pick said a pile of words that should not say. To be honest, you want the other to your skies for you take it lying down.

In the female particularly prominent, good clothing color directly reflects thepsychological and personality of their:

A, red
Like to wear the red dress woman is considered to be the "young" with richdesire in life, they often don't feel satisfied, adventurous, follow the fashion,but the changing all the time nature often unpredictable.

Pro active, strong willed, not easily admit defeat, very uncomfortable about others. In love has always been the most active and enthusiastic, young men are welcome. Efforts to make money, and money. She was a PARTY ANIMAL,the party always regard themselves as an important figure.

B, yellow
Like the yellow man naivete
She is more rational and calm. Confident of their wisdom and ability, thereforealso expect to gain recognition from others. From the appearance of herseem to be very gentle, but he is very strong. In terms of money, she is open-minded, unless money is really tight, otherwise don't care that much about money.

C, blue
Like blue people sincerely, full of fantasy
Her character, gentle and delicate, elegant, but is more sensitive, is easily hurt woman. Her vision of warmth and romance. The importance of friendship,always running out of money, the lack of money or savings mind.

D, green
Like the green women are considered to be the "mother" of the actual life intough, they are careful, action and very hard, but the fear of risk and advance, introverted and often suppress their desires, in the emotional aspects afraid to.
She has two sides. Money and more rational, not on impulse to SHOPPING.

F, purple
Like the purple people feelings may be more romantic
Its natural taste, personality. Many designers are like purple. The peoplehated the mediocre, like unique ideas. On the consumption side, holding theflowers, flowers, the province is the province's attitude.

E, black
Like black people s feelings exposed but eager to care for and love

Divided into two distinct types, or honest, simple, doesn't like attention, ortotal like curry favour by claptrap. For money, they either thrift, like simpleand stable life; or full of ambition and desire, loved the extravagant life.

G, white

In addition, like white people often let a person produce far view but not closefeeling
Always calm and cool, good at expressing their feelings. They are less affected by the gorgeous appearance confused, is more about emotions andspirit. They doesn't love too far, didn't love very eye-catching. Strong sense of responsibility to be pretty and intelligent, honest with them. On the surfacethey will have money, in fact, often spend the money not spent. They are confident about their figure and beautiful, love is rarely the first to express their love.


The preference of one color often represent the character and feelings of color, a personal preference for clothing color and clothing, more can ofteninfer the mental.
Basically, the color of the clothes can be divided into three categories: cool,warm and neutral color.

Bo good warm - the warm colors are red, yellow, orange, etc.. This color to the warm, confident, friendly, cheerful feeling, help make friends, enhance self-confidence, to be able to expand their social circle.

Increasing momentum - relatively cool, cool and dark clothing, such as black,dark brown, dark blue, can create a serious atmosphere, giving people the cold, mysterious feeling.

Neutral hostile -- in dealing with disputes of corrosion, ease hostility,absolutely should not wear bright color clothes, the reason is that this color can affect a mood, easy exciting. Such as wearing neutral colors, including brown, beige,

light gray, can relax the tense atmosphere, achieve balance effect.
Using a particular color, or change your preferences for color, will help you tochange the mood and personality