Color and constellation


The lucky color: Green

With the characteristics of Aries favorite adventure sports, nature, contribute to the positive psychology of green, the color can be paired with goldencomplement each other, strengthen the sense of security.

The most taboo colors: red and white

The energetic Aries with passionate red, will only let the mood more impulsive, unable to relax. White can make Aries have narcissisticpsychology.


The lucky color: pink, purple

Sincere thick is Taurus personality characteristics, more stubborn, so peachcan promote the Taurus more positive power, with white, purple to guide thespiritual growth.

The most taboo color: Green

Green for Taurus, prone to be lazy, unwilling to change the situation,gradually.


The lucky color: Blue

The reaction is smart, a cunning Gemini personality label, with curiosity, withblue or purple to light without losing prudent, more cultured Gemini

Physical things self-confidence and calm.

The most taboo colors: yellow

The characteristics of curiosity, to repeat things easily lead to paralysis,become more and more important to avoid Gemini dual personality, yellowappear less as far as possible better.


The lucky color: yellow

Always pay attention to life's cancer, spent a lot of time to the business of life,it can choose yellow to maintain harmony, characteristics and cancer more complementary.

The most taboo colors: Purple

Cancerians are delicate, lots of things may have overreacted phenomenon,purple can cause cancer in the daily life into a state.

The lion

The lucky color: green apple, orange

Leos are natural leaders breath, style, the pursuit of high shine through it is their goal in life. But this property if it is too excessive,

But let people unhappy, so use the apple green, orange, helps cultivatehumility, friends and family more harmonious interaction.

The most taboo color: Gold

Because of the lion's behavior always eye-catching momentum, so avoiddomineering, full of bossy gold, so as not to cause other people'sstereotypes, think Leos have grandiose aims but puny abilities,

Look down on people. But gold will cause Leo appetite good, reduced activity,it is easy to cause the body burden.


The lucky color: orange, blue water

Style, everything in good order and well arranged on perfectionist Virgo,sometimes too formal, too reserved empty feeling, so choose orange can letVirgo unloaded

Too heavy burden, guide with sexual life attitude; and the water blue is the corresponding sensitive part, let your style to create soft taste more.

The most taboo color: white

The general impression of Virgo is nothing but love clean, clean, so you can'tuse white counterproductive, otherwise it will make people feel too nervous,

Always have a sense of tension.


The lucky color: blue, red

Libra people always gives a superior temperament elegant impression, the pursuit of extraordinary taste, so they create an atmosphere, be overly cautious, undecided,

Therefore the use of some of the deep blue enough to help them to speed up the pace, strengthen the judgment. And use the red make Libra ambition is stronger, more dynamic.

The most taboo colors: pink, black

Negative projection Libra is easy, love leisure and hate labour irresolute and hesitant, because they are too concerned about the pursuit of the perfectthings, enjoy the elegance,

Therefore, the use of black to reduce, will not make you hold a perfunctoryattitude. There are easy to make Libra irresolute and hesitant to reduce the use of pink.


The lucky color: pink, pink orange

Strong independent consciousness of Scorpio, with the protection of color is very strong, so the Scorpio people can choose pink to relax the mood, letnerves get relief.

The most taboo color: dark blue

Mystery, with defensive Scorpio, actually has a potential character ofunknown, is love meddle. This side and the color characteristics of deep bluewill trigger a scorpio,

If you do not want to become such a person, Scorpio to minimize the use ofthis color.


The lucky color: color Coffee, sea blue, pink

When it comes to Sagittarius almost equal and free to draw an equal sign,love remain free attitude to life, the use of Coffee color is simple tones can bethe shooter will focus on,

Sea blue is not only in conformity with the striker's free style, moreprecipitation, strengthen the sense of security.

The most taboo colors: green apple, orange

Sagittarius personality is the most negative persist in one's old ways,rebellious, so don't use will lead to Sagittarius this side of apple green,orange.


The lucky color: yellow, pink

Toughness strong Capricorn, but also can be said to be too depressed personality, always worry too much, often made him nervous. In the color yellow can choose appeasement,

Peach red can stimulate vitality, not too lose one's vitality.

The most taboo colors: black, dark blue

Careful with every rhythm, Capricorn, Virgo love clean, but this is an extreme presentation of capricorn. So in the use of color, please do not choose brunet Department

, because it will only add to tensions, completely fail to relax.


The lucky color: color Coffee

The same freedom loving Aquarius, more a look coldly from the sidelines at nature, so the Coffee color the more pragmatic, stable color, can let Aquarius people

Easy to accept the reality, in the sense of.

The most taboo colors: blue, purple

Aquarius sometimes have unrealistic idea, if you use a light blue color, the bottles were more likely to the fantasy, not practical, so to avoid this kind of

Color is good.


The lucky color: blue, purple, blue and green

Romantic love fantasy, Pisces is the biggest characteristic, the use of color, to use a soothing mood, blue purple, steady point blue green to stabilize the Pisces are not.

The most taboo colors: purple, green

Special is the most suitable for your color, must join the blue steady stability. But if the little blue, rather than purple and green, will let you emotionally vulnerable to provoke,

Be always melancholy and moody, Pisces keen personality, less will be suitable for pure green pure purple.