Colorful instrument

Color, with the improvement of people's living standard, aesthetic improvement, has become an indispensable part of people's life. We can see the colorful clothes, household appliances, diversiform, colorful cars, and even the different colors of the house  everywhere.  

However,  the scientific  instrument as a basic tool in research field,is butmonotonous and Unsightly . Gray is the primary color.  Sometimesis, blue and white can be see rarely, dotted with other color. In recent years, a few imported equipment pay attention to industrial design products,  These changed not only greatly improved in appearance, but also in color .They introduced with many bold novel color elements to bring a fresh change to  laboratory.  

Think of  the current status of domestic scientific instruments, Xiamen Guoyi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. broke with tradition,  put forward the conception of color instrument firstly in the industry. We build a strong R & D and design team, start from the industrial design,  match colors Scientifically , These make color practical and meet the aesthetic needs of high-quality products, We  strive to create the first brand of color instrument.  

Color Laboratory  

The study of science and engineering students know  the experiment is a very patient and boring. We must take great care every step, Otherwise, a small mistake can make all scrap often after a few days of the experiment , it will make you very crazy. You can know this feeling only experienced . For the scientific research and technical person, laboratory is your second home.If this home is warm and comfortable, you will have more inspiration, the working efficiency will be high.  we can build a good warm and comfortable environment for laboratory by the color of the instrument,, to create your own color lab, help you to work efficiently, enjoy the wonderful life, to reach your dream.