Xiamen Guoyi summer "world ice gift" preferential activities shock hits

Traditional laboratory snow ice machine why cannot edible?

General laboratory snow ice machine is directly connected with the water from the faucet, and then directly into the snow ice. Laboratory water is generally the municipal water supply pipe network, taking into account the water and the two water pollution, are generally not directly for drinking. The water into the ice making machine, need some ice making process, will be in direct contact with theinternal components. Due to the internal member materials most snow ice machine can not meet the requirements of the food, even toxic, such as brass,two pollution in water.

How did we can eat?

We know, because the snow ice machine is used in water, is not up to the standard of drinking water. First, we in the water into ice machine before astraight level running water filter, the tap water directly to the drinking standard;secondly we are rebuilding from the ice machine, general and water contact parts, such as liner, ice skates are made of stainless steel, to prevent the two times of water pollution. Thus, snow ice mechanism out of ice can reach the drinking standard of hygiene.

Hot summer, cool laboratory!

Sorching summer, doing an experiment in the laboratory, looking at a piece ofice, if can eat it? I believe that many researchers will have this kind of idea. Weconsider this problem, in this summer, the grand launch of snow ice machine. For the majority of new and old customer feedback, as long as the snow ice machine7.15-10.15 to order our, can be a free upgrade to edible version!

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