Xiamen Guoyi touch-screen version of snow ice machine and Recruitment provincial

Xiamen Guoyi touch-screen version of snow ice machine and Recruitment provincial general agent

Xiamen Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. in 2013 following the successful launch ofcolor snow ice machine, again in 2014 to concentrate on upgrading, introduced the use of laboratory snow ice machine touch screen version of the

Product features:

● The operation is simple, one button from the water, ice, ice, extrusion, the snow ice, ice full automatic shutdown.

● The whole operation process is completed by microcomputer control. The corresponding indicating lamp will be displayed, running lights, a refrigerator ice full indicator light will stop running.

● adopt imported famous brand compressor, stable and reliable operation

● the cavity of septum structure, making high energy efficiency, a large amount of ice

● full computer control, easy to operate

The ice storage tank using fluorine free polyurethane foam, insulation

● 162x102mm touch control screen, will show all the above process, easy controland understanding of ice making machine running the process your;

● high fidelity voice prompt system, an important state broadcast voice prompt;

● optional colors, color experiment of your dreams

● The whole system and the casing can be independently separated, convenientrepair

In order to better service to users around the globe, now around Chengzhaopartners, look forward to working with you to jointly develop the local market, to grow together with you, a career. Cooperation form contains the provincial general agent or distributor, please fill out the information, if interested, can beyour company email or online to fill in for us, welcome to contact!

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